I have decided to do my outfit posts on english and reviews about beauty products on my native language .

I'm not sure why but I keep getting bad photos with a good camera -_-
My Samsung Galaxy S2 is awesome every time when I swatch something, colours are realistic and he catches details,even  works great on concerts but when I need some nice pictures for blog
 he decides to be bad
 ( Yes, my phone is he :D )

New Year's eve outfit 
 shirt : Amisu
skirt : Amisu
coat : Amisu ( love, love, loveeeeee ) !
shoes : no name + DIY 
bag : Coco  

And on 01.01.2013 ...

 shirt : Patrice Breal
pants : Amisu
boots : Skechers
necklace : no name

And I'm gonna show you HOW BAD PICTURE CAN BE  with 8mpx camera ...

And yes, I don't have to use my phone 'cause I have Canon camera and 
I promise I'll try to use it more :D

P.S. Having fun with my bestie !

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